NewsSpectrum applicants represent the diversity of EU minority languages

IPI and MIDAS received over 50 applications for the first round of NewsSpectrum Fellowships from minority language media professionals and their majority language partners, showing the strength and diversity of minority language media across the European Union.

Congratulations to all that applied! The NewSpectrum programme, run independently by IPI and MIDAS, is an EU-funded support mechanism that brings together minority and majority language media professionals in the European Union for collaborative reporting and professional placement initiatives.

All grants will be awarded by an independent jury of experts and we expect to notify all applicants by the end of June whether the jury has selected their application for funding.

If you missed our 28 May deadline for applying this time around, please stay tuned; we will be announcing our second round of NewsSpectrum Fellowship application opportunities later in June.

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About NewsSpectrum 

NewsSpectrum is a new fellowship programme for minority-language media professionals in the EU. It seeks to encourage partnerships between migrant-language media, and their majority-language counterparts. The NewsSpectrum fellowships aim to enhance cooperation between the two groups and support the sustainability of minority-language media as crucial members of a free and pluralistic media environment in the European Union. They also seek to support media coverage that reports knowledgeably on minority issues and includes the perspective of representatives of minority groups in news coverage.

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