Learning from each other: Lessons from South Tyrol’s Autonomy Arrangement

With the objective of “learning from each other”, the following videos and the entire E-Learning Course discuss how center-periphery conflicts and minority-related issues may be successfully addressed with elements from the toolbox of federalism, regionalism, and decentralisation.

Thanks a lot to Gagauzia Dialogue, CMI and our colleagues of Eurac ResearchInstitute for Comparative Federalism for this great collaboration! Here is the result – enjoy these training videos!

? Elisabeth Alber: Conflict Resolution and Intergovernmental Relation Tools

? Elena Chiocchetti: Linguistic Rights and Multilingualism

? Karl Kössler: Institutions and Intergovernmental Relations

? Jens Woelk: Principles of Autonomy Arrangements

All videos can be viewed here:

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