Gender data disparity: mind the gap!

The many inequalities between men and women in our society range from disproportionate pay to inequality in pensions and in the distribution of care work, to name just a few.

However, there is one form of inequality that is particularly insidious: the gender data gap, the lack of scientific data on women in the medical field.

In medicine there is the “normal patient”: young, male, white, without disabilities, six feet tall and weighing 80 kilograms. Anyone who deviates from this supposed norm, such as women and minorities, is underrepresented.

In the online magazine of Eurac Research you find more information about the gender data disparity. They discuss with our colleague Katharina Crepaz, a researcher at the Center for Autonomy Experience at Eurac Research and an expert in Gender Dynamics, and Giacomo Strapazzon, a physician and director of the Institute for Emergency Medicine, Eurac Research.

Here you find the interview “Mind the gap”:

📷 Eurac Research/Oscar Diodoro

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