South Tyrol as Best-Practice

During the G7 summit, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres discussed promoting South Tyrol as an example of peaceful conflict resolution internationally. Provincial Governor Arno Kompatscher expressed his satisfaction with this development.

The province of South Tyrol plans to establish a Center for Minority Protection and Autonomy in the upcoming library center in Bolzano. Kompatscher stated that Minister Tajani is an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative. Both believe that South Tyrol, with UN support, can help raise awareness of the importance of autonomy models.

The United Nations laid an important foundation with Resolution 1497/XV of 1960 and its confirmation in 1961 for the Second Autonomy Statute, which promotes peaceful coexistence. The goal is to reach an agreement with the UN to make the center an international reference point. Thanks to the support of Italy and Austria, this goal is coming closer.

Source: Informatica Alto Adige SPA

Foto: Fabio Bruccoleri

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