Celebrating autonomy

The 5 September 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of the Treaty of Paris. At that time, the then foreign ministers of Austria and Italy, Karl Gruber and Alcide De Gasperi, laid the foundation for the autonomy of South Tyrol with the Gruber-De Gasperi Agreement. On this occasion, a discussion round took place in which Magnago’s companions Luis Durnwalder, Giovanni Salghetti Drioli, Martha Stocker and Hugo Valentin emphasised that Silvius Magnago had paved the way for South Tyrol’s autonomy and that this path must now be continued. The former President of the EU Commission and Italian Prime Minister Romana Prodi and the former Austrian Federal President Heinz Fischer were also invited and gave speeches in which they praised South Tyrol as a success model.

Furthermore, on this year’s Autonomy Day in Bozen/Bolzano, an autonomy exhibition entitled “We and Autonomy in Memory of Silvius Magnago” was ceremonially opened. The exhibition parcours is located in front of the Provincial Parliament in Bolzano and is about the work of Magnago and his companions. The parcours deals with questions such as: Who was Silvius Magnago and what implications does autonomy have for people living in South Tyrol? Well-known historians and museum experts were involved in the conception of the parcours. The exhibition is intended both for passers-by to get a quick overview of autonomy and for schoolchildren to delve deeper into the topic. You can find more information at:

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