Autonomy and Sovereignty Conflict: Catalonia, Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Center for Autonomy Experience and the project “Autonomy Arrangements in the World” ( are jointly organising an Annual Webinar Series called “Discussing World Autonomies”. Our team plans to invite every year international experts who contributed to the online compendium The goal is to share knowledge about autonomies worldwide, how they function and discussing the challenges they face.

The topic of the upcoming 2021 webinar is Autonomy and Sovereignty Conflict: Insights from Catalonia and Perspectives from Post-Brexit Scotland and Northern Ireland

Date: 10 March, 5 pm CET!


  • Marc Sanjaume, Professor of Political Science at the Open University of Catalonia
  • Clare Rice, Researcher at the Newcastle University
  • Daniel Cetrà, Research Fellow at the Centre on Constitutional Change at the University of Edinburgh and EURAC Federal Scholar 2021


  • Sergiu Constantin, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights, Eurac Research

While the 2021 regional elections in Catalonia confirmed the strong political polarisation of the Catalan society over the issue of independence, the post-Brexit realities in Northern Ireland and Scotland raise increasing challenges for the UK’s constitutional future. In this webinar we will discuss the latest developments, their impact on the relations between central governments and these autonomous regions as well as future perspectives.

Did you miss our webinar? Dont’t worry, you can watch the entire webinar here:

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