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Research Visits

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Are you a researcher interested in the Autonomy of South Tyrol or minority protection and are you planning a study visit in South Tyrol? 

Autonomy Experience provides experts and students with an insight into the current state of research by connecting you with leading experts in the areas of minority rights and autonomy studies. We’re here to help you organise  a study visit at Eurac Research. 

Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Governance

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The Summer School on Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Governance is organised annually by the Institute for Minority Rights of Eurac Research.

The two-week postgraduate programme welcomes an international audience: young researchers and academics, post-graduate students, civil servants from local, regional or national governments as well as employees of international organizations or NGOs. The Summer School follows an interactive approach and explores human rights, minority rights and diversity governance from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. It brings together scholars and practitioners and offers the participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through a wide range of lectures, workshops, role-plays, and study visits. 

Winter School on Federalism and Governance

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The Winter School on Federalism and Governance is a common project of the Institute for Comparative Federalism of Eurac Research, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

The Winter School analyses the phenomena of federalism, regionalism and multi-level governance from legal and political science perspectives. Every edition pays attention to a specific topic, which is approached in detail by legal scholars, political scientists, and practitioners. The two-week postgraduate programme takes place one week in Innsbruck and one week in Bolzano. The Winter School is designed for those who wish to upgrade their knowledge on federalism through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, including: researchers and academics; post-docs, postgraduate and graduate students; civil servants from local, regional or national government, employees of international organisations or NGOs. 

Master in Federalism and Minority Studies

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Europe prides itself on a rich culture of diversity, incorporating regions and minorities while successfully adhering to democratic principles.

Currently, this system is being tested to pressure from different anglesthe rights, status and protection of minorities and  liberal democracy as a whole, have come under more intense scrutiny and are being constantly challenged.  

The Master of Science in Federalism and Minority Studies is a combined initiative of Eurac Research and the Donau Universität Krems, Austria, which offers students a wide range of modules relating to the current issues facing Europe. The course also offers insights to the historical developments which have created the rich texture of political landscapes that represent Europe. 

Besides acquiring detailed knowledge on these issues, students will also be equipped with methodological tools to compare and contrast European and global developments. These transferable skills will enable them to analyse power structures, governmental varieties and protection mechanisms across the world. 

Workshops for Schools

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Would you like to learn more about South Tyrol’s autonomy in short teaching units? Join us for interactive and informative workshops or our city walk through Bolzano/Bozen.


City Walk


E-Learning Course

Students who want to improve their knowledge about the autonomy of South Tyrol? Our E-learning courses #forschools offer a good opportunity to do so.